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Hundreds of Pre-Made Templates

Pick from a collection of pre-designed video templates, animations, characters, and text. Alternatively, use your own videos and pictures to easily personalize your fresh eCommerce video with just a couple of clicks.

Add a unique twist to your characters

Craft distinct characters for your educational videos that truly reflect your brand's essence. Modify their appearance, emotions, and behavior to give them a unique touch. Bring these characters to life and showcase your brand's identity in every educational video using text-to-speech technology.

Let Your Imagination Flow - No Limits, No Skills Needed.

Whether you're starting out or handling various tasks, making videos is a breeze. With Visual Paradigm's Educational Video Maker, you don't have to worry about intricate designs or technical intricacies to create impressive videos. You can easily make videos that attract attention in your realm. Even if you're new to video creation, this straightforward tool ensures a seamless process.

Share it wherever you want.

Produce videos in various looks & dimensions for educational purpose. Distribute them on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, or Vimeo.

How to make an education video in three steps

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Choose a Template

Discover a variety of modern and up-to-date templates tailored for your educational videos.

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Add your personal touch to the text and pictures, select a melody from our wide range of music choices, and watch your project come to life with a real-time preview for your educational video.

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Export Video

Create a unique video in just 2-3 minutes, ready to be instantly shared with your viewers for your eCommerce video.

Tips for making brilliant Educational Videos

  • Storytelling

    Making a captivating eCommerce video is more than just sharing information - it's about telling an engaging story that really connects with your viewers. With our easy-to-use online tool for creating videos, you can turn your ideas into an interesting story that truly grabs your audience's attention and keeps them interested.

  • Be concise and direct

    Making an educational video with the right duration is important for effectively conveying your message. While there's no exact ideal time, keeping it concise and focused is essential. Include only what's needed to communicate your message clearly and efficiently.

  • Add in sound effects and background music

    Adding lively sound effects and music to your educational video can bring in excitement. When you combine these elements effectively, you create an immersive experience that captures your viewers' attention, making your video more fun and captivating.

  • Craft characters that form meaningful bonds.

    For a compelling narrative, it's crucial to have characters that resonate with viewers and are likable. Adding text-to-speech to your characters can enhance their engagement. Your characters should have a significant role in your educational video, and giving them unique traits is essential for achieving positive outcomes.

Why do you need an education video?

Explainer videos are effective educational tools for teaching complex subjects, making them valuable for online courses, tutorials, and training materials.


Unleash your imagination using our free online video maker, providing limitless chances to customize your educational videos. Incorporate text, animations, diverse characters, captivating music, and more to ensure your videos stand out and remain memorable. This leads to videos that make a mark with every viewing.

Template Collection

Explore a variety of templates, animated characters, components, and effects with Visual Paradigm's Animated Explainer. With endless design choices, create engaging videos that showcase your unique touch and skill. Let your creativity flow to craft special, unforgettable videos that truly stand out and leave a meaningful impact.

Design like a Pro

With Animated Explainer from Visual Paradigm, you can create impressive educational videos even if you're not a design expert. Our user-friendly templates save time and simplify the process, making it easy to showcase your creativity. Create outstanding videos effortlessly and bring your creative concepts to life in the realm of educational content.

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