Top E-Commerce video templates

Total Customization

Create various eCommerce videos with ease, customize content seamlessly, add text to speech and graphics, and export an unlimited range of videos.

Make your characters special with your own touch.

Create special characters for your eCommerce videos that really show your brand's style. Change how they look, feel, and act to make them different. Make these characters come alive and let your brand's personality shine in each eCommerce video.

Let Your Imagination Flow - No Limits, No Skills Needed.

Whether you're new or managing multiple things, creating videos is really easy. With Visual Paradigm's eCommerce Video Maker, you don't need to fret about complicated design or technical details to make great videos. You can effortlessly create videos that catch eyes in your field. Even if you're new to video-making, this simple tool guarantees a smooth experience.

Share it wherever you want.

Create videos in different styles & sizes for almost any use. Share on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, or Vimeo.

How to make an E-Commerce video in three steps

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Choose a Template

Explore a range of trendy and modern templates designed for your eCommerce videos.

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Put your own style into the text and images, pick a tune from our broad music options, and see your work take shape with a live preview for your eCommerce video.

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Export Video

Create a unique video in just 2-3 minutes, ready to be instantly shared with your viewers for your eCommerce video.

Tips for making brilliant eCommerce Videos

  • Storytelling

    Making a captivating eCommerce video is more than just sharing information - it's about telling an engaging story that really connects with your viewers. With our easy-to-use online tool for creating videos, you can turn your ideas into an interesting story that truly grabs your audience's attention and keeps them interested.

  • Be concise and direct

    Creating an eCommerce video with the right length is crucial for delivering your message effectively. While there isn't a specific perfect time, keeping it short and on-point is vital. Include only what's necessary to get your message across clearly and efficiently.

  • Add in sound effects and background music

    Spicing up your eCommerce video with sound effects and music can add excitement. When you blend these elements well, you create an engaging experience that grabs your audience's focus, making your video more enjoyable and captivating.

  • Craft characters that form meaningful bonds.

    To make an interesting story, having characters that viewers can relate to and enjoy is really important. Your characters should play a big part in your eCommerce video, and giving them special qualities is necessary for achieving positive outcomes.

Why do you need an E-Commerce video?

In today's rapidly changing world of technology, it's increasingly important to grab and maintain your audience's attention.


Set your creativity free with our no-cost online video creator, giving you countless opportunities to modify your eCommerce videos. Include text, animations, various characters, engaging music, and more to make your videos distinctive and unforgettable. This results in videos that leave a strong impression every time they're watched.

Template Collection

Discover a diverse range of templates, lively characters, elements, and effects using Visual Paradigm's Animated Explainer. With limitless design options, produce captivating videos that display impressive craftsmanship and unique flair. Unleash your creativity to make distinct, memorable videos that make a real impact and leave a lasting impression.

Design like a Pro

Animated Explainer by Visual Paradigm enables you to make remarkable eCommerce videos even without design skills. Our easy-to-use templates save time and make things simple, letting you express your creativity effortlessly. Effortlessly create outstanding videos and turn your creative ideas into real eCommerce video content.

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