Top digital marketing video templates

Complete Personalization

Effortlessly generate numerous video variations, seamlessly tailor content and establish templates, and export an endless array of videos.

Add your unique flair to your characters.

Craft unique characters for your digital marketing videos that truly represent your brand's identity. Alter their appearance, emotions, and behavior to make them stand out. Give life to these characters and allow your brand's character to shine in every digital marketing video.

Unleash Your Creativity - No Boundaries, No Expertise Required.

Whether you're just starting or juggling different tasks, making videos is super simple. With Visual Paradigm's Digital Marketing Video Maker, you don't have to worry about tricky design or technical stuff to create awesome videos. You can easily make videos that grab attention in your industry. Even if you're new to making videos, this easy tool ensures a smooth ride.

Share it wherever you want.

Craft videos in various formats & ratios for virtually all purposes. Export to YouTube, Facebook, Wistia, or Vimeo.

How to make a digital marketing video in three steps

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Choose a Template

Discover a variety of fresh and fashionable templates tailored for your digital marketing videos.

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Add your personal touch to the text and images, choose a tune from our wide range of music choices, and watch your creation come to life with a real-time preview for your digital marketing video.

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Export Video

Make a special video in only 2-3 minutes, all set to be shared instantly with your audience, for your digital marketing video.

Tips for making brilliant Digital Marketing Videos

  • Storytelling

    Creating an exciting digital marketing video is about more than just giving facts - it's about narrating an interesting story that truly resonates with your viewers. With our user-friendly online tool for producing corporate videos, you can transform your thoughts into a captivating story that truly captures your audience's interest and keeps them engaged.

  • Be concise and direct

    Crafting a digital marketing video with the right duration is essential to effectively share your message. Although there isn't an exact ideal time, maintaining conciseness and relevance is key. Incorporate only what's essential to convey your message clearly and efficiently.

  • Add in sound effects and background music

    Enhancing your digital marketing video with sound effects and music can bring in excitement. When you combine these aspects effectively, you generate an interesting experience that grips your audience's attention, making your video more delightful and captivating.

  • Craft characters that form meaningful bonds.

    For a captivating story, having characters that people can connect with and like is crucial. Your characters should have an important role in your digital marketing video, and giving them unique traits is essential for getting good results.

Why do you need a digital marketing video?

In the current modern landscape of fast-evolving technology, it's more crucial than ever to capture and hold your audience's focus.


Unleash your imagination using our free online video maker, providing endless chances to adjust your digital marketing videos. Add text, animations, different characters, captivating music, and more to ensure your videos stand out and remain memorable. This leads to videos that leave an impact every time they're viewed.

Template Collection

Explore a wide variety of templates, lively characters, elements, and effects with Visual Paradigm's Animated Explainer. With endless design possibilities, create engaging videos that showcase exceptional skill and style. Let your creativity run wild to make one-of-a-kind, memorable videos that have a real impact and leave a strong impression.

Design like a Pro

Crafted by professionals, tailored for those starting out. Animated Explainer by Visual Paradigm makes it possible to create impressive digital marketing videos even without design know-how. Our user-friendly templates save time and simplify the process, allowing you to effortlessly express your creativity. Easily produce outstanding videos and bring your creative concepts to life in the realm of digital marketing.

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