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Harness your creativity with a wide array of Instagram video templates, backgrounds, animations, GIFs, characters, fonts, and music at your fingertips.

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Easily create multiple versions of videos, personalize the content with ease, and utilize our extensive library of design templates.

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It's completely normal to face difficulties, and we're here to help you every step of the way. We provide easy-to-understand guides, helpful assistance, and a learning center to support you.

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Creating impressive Instagram videos has never been easier, whether you're a novice or juggling multiple projects. With Visual Paradigm's user-friendly Instagram Video Maker, you can bid farewell to concerns about intricate designs or technical complexities.

How to make a Instagram video in three steps

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Choose a Template

Discover a wide selection of modern and up-to-date templates specifically designed for your Instagram videos.

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Add your own personal touch to the text and visuals of your Instagram video, allowing your unique style to shine through.

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Export Video

Create a one-of-a-kind video in just a few minutes, ready to be shared instantly with your audience across different online platforms.

Tips for making brilliant Instagram Videos

  • Storytelling

    When it comes to increasing viewership, creating an exciting Instagram video is more than just sharing information. It's about creating a captivating story that truly resonates with your audience. With our easy-to-use online video maker, you can effortlessly transform your ideas into compelling narratives that grab attention and keep viewers engaged.

  • Be concise and direct

    Instagram videos have a time limit, so aim to keep your video short and to the point. Capture attention quickly and deliver your message effectively within the allowed timeframe. Leverage visually appealing elements such as eye-catching images, animations, or videos. Incorporate your brand colors, fonts, and style to maintain consistency and reinforce your brand identity.

  • Add in sound effects and background music

    Sound effects and music have the power to evoke emotions and create a stronger connection with your audience. By selecting appropriate audio elements that align with the mood and message of your video, you can engage viewers on a deeper level and make your content more memorable.

  • Create characters that build strong connections.

    By incorporating strong character presence in your Instagram videos, you can increase viewership, foster engagement, and build a loyal audience base. Create characters that align with your target audience and the overall tone of your content. Develop their personalities, motivations, and story arcs to make them compelling and relatable.

Why do you need an explainer video?

Animated explanatory videos simplify complex subjects, making them valuable for Instagram content, tutorials, and informative materials. They aid understanding and engagement, making them powerful tools for conveying information effectively.


Unleash your creativity with our free online video creator, providing limitless possibilities to customize your Instagram videos. Add text, animations, diverse characters, captivating music, and more to create unique and unforgettable videos. Each time your videos are watched, they leave a lasting impression that truly stands out.

Template Collection

Discover a variety of templates, animated characters, and special effects with Visual Paradigm's Animated Explainer. With so many design options available, you can create captivating videos that showcase your personal style and expertise. Let your creativity flow and make videos that are unique, memorable, and have a significant impact.

Design like a Pro

Visual Paradigm's Animated Explainer is like having a superpower for creating awesome Instagram videos, even if you're not a design pro. Save time and let your creativity shine as you effortlessly transform your imaginative ideas into captivating Instagram content. Get ready to create remarkable videos that will leave everyone impressed!

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