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Discover an Extensive Array of Ready-Made Templates for Exploration

Discover an extensive range of pre-designed cartoon video templates, offering a diverse selection of characters, animations, and captivating elements. Customize your cartoon videos seamlessly by incorporating your own audio and images, simplifying the personalization process with just a few clicks. This user-friendly customization enhances your video content's impact and engagement potential.

Add a Unique Touch to Your Individual Characters

Sculpt distinctive cartoon characters enriched with the unique essence of your brand. Customize their hairdos, outfits, facial gestures, and animated gestures to infuse them with unmatched ingenuity. Breathe life into your characters, leaving an indelible mark with their standout qualities that eloquently reflect your brand's sophistication and allure.

Unleash Your Creativity Without Boundaries - No Prior Experience Needed

Irrespective of your proficiency level or the specific project at hand, crafting videos is effortlessly seamless. With Visual Paradigm's Animated Explainer, design or technical expertise is not a prerequisite for fashioning impactful videos. Attain the capability to effortlessly craft your videos and leave a substantial mark in your professional sphere. Even if you're a newcomer to the realm of video creation, the user-friendly nature of the tool ensures a smooth experience.

Committed Assistance Ready to Serve You

We acknowledge that crafting animated videos can present occasional complexities. This is precisely why we stand ready to provide unwavering assistance every step of the way. Our platform extends an array of valuable resources, encompassing insightful tutorials, specialized guidance, and an all-encompassing training hub. Be assured that we are committed to furnishing the guidance and aid necessary for you to fashion enchanting animated videos effortlessly.

How to make a business video in three steps

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Choose a Template

Discover a wide array of contemporary and polished templates within our expansive library.

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Customize the text and visuals to align with your preferences, select a track from our comprehensive sound repository, and preview your creation in real-time.

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Export Video

Effortlessly generate a distinct video in a mere 2-3 minutes, ready to be instantly shared with your target audience.

Tips for making brilliant Business Videos

  • Storytelling

    Constructing a captivating business video entails more than just content depiction; it involves crafting a compelling narrative that forges a strong connection with your audience. Through our web-based business video creator, you wield the ability to transform your ideas into a compelling storyline that deeply resonates with viewers, garnering their appreciation and engagement.

  • Be concise and direct

    In today's fast world, people don't have much time to focus. So, it's important to make your business video the right length to get your message across. There's no perfect time, but keeping it short and to the point is key. Only include what's important to get your message across clearly and effectively.

  • Incorporate audio effects and music

    Adding sound effects and music to your business video can make it much more exciting. When you blend these elements well, you create an experience that pulls in your viewers, making your video more interesting and engaging.

  • Create characters that deeply connect

    To make a story successful, it's vital to have characters that viewers can really understand and feel a connection with. Your characters should be central to your story, and giving them unique personalities is key to achieving success.

Why do you need a business video?

In the ever-changing digital world, grabbing and maintaining your audience's attention is now more crucial than ever.


Create exceptional business videos for free. Unleash your creativity with our online video creator, offering endless editing options. Elevate with text, animations, diverse elements, music, and more. This results in captivating videos that make a lasting impression with each view.

Template Collection

Discover diverse templates, animated characters, objects, and effects with Visual Paradigm Animated Explainer. Create captivating cartoons with endless design options. Unleash your creativity, crafting unique and memorable cartoons that stand out and leave a lasting impact.

Professional-Level Design

Crafted by pros, perfect for beginners. Visual Paradigm Animated Explainer lets you create stunning cartoons sans a pro designer. Templates save time, simplifying the process, and letting your creativity shine. Effortlessly make pro-quality cartoons, expressing your ideas effortlessly.

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